Deliverance Service

Deliverance service is available upon request.

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Death is not an end, but another starting point.

That's why we offer a deliverance service to give guidance for those who have passed on. If you have lost someone who was very important to you and want to do something for you and the deceased, Deliverance Service will be a great help.

Please feel free to refer those verses from the scriptures below.

A disciple asked, “What good will the Forty‐ninth Day Deliverance Service and memorial service do for the soul of the deceased?” The Founding Master answered, “In Heaven and Earth there is a mysterious principle of reciprocal response. If one sows a seed and fertilizes the earth, the fertilized earth produces better crops as a result, even though the earth, the seed and the manure is insentient. If even senseless crops show such response, why then should we not expect response from human beings who are the beings of highest intelligence? For the sake of the deceased, if many people sincerely give silent prayers, wish for their good fortune, make a contribution and have a dharma discourse from a master of high virtue, the mind of the deceased and of the living people will be connected and spirit will respond to spirit. Thus the deceased will be easily delivered. If the deceased have already fallen into an unwholesome realm, they will be able to have the opportunity gradually to progress to a better world. Even though the deceased had many debts in life, they may be freed from the debts if the contributions of condolence are used adequately for the public welfare. If the deceased were not in debt, the contributions used in this way will become their invisibly accumulated blessings. The principle which explains this reciprocal response may be likened to the alternating current of electricity."   (The Scripture of the Founding Master, Chapter 9, v. 29)

One of the disciples asked, “From ancient times, sons, daughters, relatives or friends have made offerings to Buddha images or have invited those of high virtue to preach and chant sutras for the sake of souls. What should be the effect of this practice, and what difference will be brought forth in the effectiveness of the different degrees of sincerity of worshippers and the different levels of dharma power of the men of high virtue?” The Founding Master said, “Prayers for souls and making offerings to Buddha images show sincerity toward the soul of the deceased. Sincerity even moves the realm of universal truth and according to the degree of sincerity the prayers and offerings will be more effective. Or, sermons and chanting sutras will be more influential according to the degree of dharma power of one of high virtue. As a result, some will return to a righteous way unconsciously after being completely repaid for what they have done in their past; some will be able to return to a righteous way directly, being relieved of all karma; some, who have failed to find new life since their deaths and are groping in the dark and intermediate state of the bodiless ghost world will find a new life; some who were once attached to a thing will leave the attachment, reaching for the Heavenly realm and the realm of human beings enjoying blessings and happiness. However, if the sincerity of the sons and daughters and the dharma power of those of high virtue are not enough to save the soul of the deceased, their exercises will not have much impact on the spiritual root. This is because a great power will never be brought until the utmost sincerity is exercised. This is just like the fact that if a farmer fails to use all sincerity and ability in farming there will be poor crops.”   (The Scripture of the Founding Master, Chapter 9, v. 30)