Dharma Service


10 am ~ 11:30 am
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On this spiritual journey,
if you practice alone without sharing with other dharma friends and teachers, you might be trapped in
your own narrow view and biased awareness,
which is not the way of enlightenment.
By having conversations with other practitioners, there may be more opportunities to view your problems and worries more clearly and objectively. 

Ordinarily, people spend much time on exchanging gossip, talking about "others" with envy, jealousy, criticism or complaints. Although it may temporarily give you some pleasure and relieve some stress, it usually leaves lasting regrets in the end.
However, through conversations or Q&A sessions with dharma friends and teachers,

the joy of practice

can be realized, and you may find yourself full of happiness whenever you reflect on the awareness you have found.

We are here as your dharma friends and teachers to offer guidance and encouragement on your spiritual journey to find

true happiness.

Come and join us for some tea.

Just bring your stories of practice and open mind.